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Swarf keeper

for a jewelry table.


This Swarf Keeper is a product created for jewelers who have a jewelry table, and need to recycle the filings or precious metal waste .It can be adapted to a traditional home workshop table.

To install it, insert the Bench Pin into the table, place the fabric as shown in the video       and start working.




To store it, you can close it, and hang it on the open hook or eye bolt, designed to be installed on the edge of the table, as you can see in this video




  • Made of smooth fabric, without pores or seams, especially in the area where the filings fall. This allows to collect and recycle all precious metal filings easily and without wasting a single gram.


  •  Easy to wash with soap and water.


  • It's foldable and portable.

  • It is not heavy.


  • Its design allows the table drawers to be opened while working.  


  • Traditionally the swarf is collected and stored in the drawers of the jewelry tables. This product offers the benefit of collecting the filings inside the fabric, preventing its contamination with other materials that are not within the work area and allowing the drawers to remain clean and free of file for tool storage. 



  • You don't need to have a large workspace to install it.

  • There is the possibility of having several in case the jeweler works with different materials.

  • It comes in different colors, allowing that according to the material that the jeweler wishes to use, the file is visible.


Length x Width x Height: 35 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm

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